Some of my recent work.

  • Corner Bank & Trust

    Corner Bank & Trust

    Full page Ad for Corner Bank & Trust. This Ad was created as part of the interview process for a local ad agency. The objective was to appeal to potential […]

  • GEM


    Logo Design for GEM Companies. GEM specializes in creating software to boost the performance of video game consoles and platforms such as Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox.

  • Volt 480

    Volt 480

    Logo & business card design for Volt 480. A company specializing in providing businesses with smarter field service through the use of technological solutions.

  • Spartans Baseball

    Spartans Baseball

    Logo design for the Spartans baseball team. Custom font and Spartan creation from sketch to vector.

  • Totem


    Original vector artwork inspired by the totem pole. The poles serve as functional architectural features, welcome signs for village visitors, mortuary vessels for the remains of deceased ancestors, or as […]



    Logo, Concept and album art for the indie pop band Hydrofaux

  • Tile.Bar


    Logo, stationary, branding and web design for An online tile and mosaic retailer based out of Sioux Falls, SD.

  • Identity Trials

    Identity Trials

    A comprehensive look at designing logos with Identity in mind. We often ask our clients before designing a logo and the answer we expect is not in terms of the […]

  • Paavo’s Pizza

    Paavo’s Pizza

    Introducing Paavo’s Pizza! A full scale build your own pizza concept coming to a city near you! Personally designed with my signature touches in mind, Logo, Branding, Trade Dress, and […]

  • Tattoos by Jon Gamache

    Tattoos by Jon Gamache

    Personal brand Logo designed for tattoo artist Jon Gamache. The design was intended mainly for sticker and T-shirt applications. Jon can be found at the Artery Tattoo shop in Sioux […]

  • Ode Co. LLC.

    Ode Co. LLC.

    Logo and business card design for Ode Co. LLC. A family owned construction company operating out of Brandon South Dakota.

  • Kaufhold & Dix

    Kaufhold & Dix

    Logo & stationary design for Kaufhold & Dix Patent Law. Minimal logo with a cohesive yet high contrast color scheme, “K” as well as “D” is to be interpreted through […]

  • Personal Branding

    Personal Branding

    Personal brand identity project designed to reflect my love for minimalism, high contrast, and symmetry.

  • B&A Barber Shop

    B&A Barber Shop

    Logo, identity, print & web design for a personal concept, B&A Barber shop. I wanted the logo as well as the dress and color concepts of the brand to reflect […]

  • Polarities


    A series of personal pieces that portray visual, natural and physical differences among each subject. Each piece unifies the opposite through the use of linear structures that represent balance or […]

  • The Guardians

    The Guardians

    A personal work inspired by the conception of the Spirit Animal.¬†In the shamanic worldview, most persons have power animals¬†which empower and protect them from harm, like guardians, the power animal […]

  • Base Gear

    Base Gear

    Personal project for Base Gear logo & brand concept. A rugged outfitting company specializing in providing gear for the active climber. Inspired by my love for minimalistic branding and the […]

  • Blue Bottle

    Blue Bottle

    Personal Project, Logo and labeling concept for Blue Bottle Wine Co. Strategy highly focused on presenting a design scheme that would become a memorable and recognizable staple of the brand’s […]

  • Elevation


    Personal project, logo, concept, web & print design for Elevation Outfitters. A large scale retailer of sporting goods with a specialization in the art of getting higher.